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Southeast Montana: Great Things to Do

Southeast Montana: Great Things to Do

Guest Blogger: Alex Kallimanis, Wanderlust Marriage

Half of the Wanderlust Marriage team recently had a truly memorable visit to Southeast Montana. Here’s what Alex Kallimanis had to say about his trip:

“Wild, wacky and wonderful are three words that encapsulate the experience of visiting Southeast Montana. A pontoon boat ride through Bighorn Canyon is wonderfully picturesque, and perhaps one of the most underrated experiences in the United States. The Terry Badlands offer another dramatically beautiful landscape. Southeast Montana is also rich in Native American culture and history. Little Bighorn Battlefield was home to “Custer’s Last Stand,” a major Native American victory in the fight to preserve their way of life. Pompeys Pillar is where Captain Clark engraved his name during the Lewis and Clark Expedition, helping to pave the way for American expansion. Then there’s the wacky, like the world’s largest steer at the O’Fallon Historic Museum and oddities like the Church of Hank Williams, whose congregation consumes around 5,000 beers per month. Yes – almost anything can be a church in the United States, and Southeast Montana offers a wild variety of surprises.”

Alex Kallimanis, Wanderlust Marriage

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