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Things to Do in Billings, Montana With Kids

Things to Do in Billings, Montana With Kids

Exploring Through Life travel blogger Molly and her family recently visited Billings and have shared their amazing experience. If you have a family and are wondering if Billings and Southeast Montana is for you, here’s a bit what Molly had to say:

Billings, Montana, is full of great things to do with kids. Especially if you love to be outside exploring like we do! We had such a great time spending the weekend in Billings and hope you get the chance to travel there someday, too! Our kids loved Billings, Montana! We found a great mix of outdoor activities, kid-friendly attractions and experience and museums. And we loved the food!

Molly, Exploring Through Life

To learn more about Molly and her family’s adventures in Billings, read her full post here.

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