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Unwrap the Magic: Gift Giving from Southeast Montana

Unwrap the Magic: Gift Giving from Southeast Montana

In the vast expanse of Southeast Montana, where the rugged beauty of the landscapes meets the warmth of its communities, there lies a treasure trove of artistic expression waiting to be discovered. This holiday season, why not go beyond the ordinary and embrace the spirit of local artistry and craftsmanship? Join us on a journey through the heart of Southeast Montana as we explore the joy of gift-giving from local artists and stores, where each purchase tells a story and supports the vibrant tapestry of this unique region. Check out these six suggestions:

Sisterly Creations

Photo by Barbara Simonsen

Sisterly Creations, a labor of love operated by two Montana sisters, revolves around the exploration of the Yellowstone River banks in search of Montana moss agates. From their findings, they meticulously craft distinctive jewelry, key chains and more. Co-owner Barbara Simonsen emphasizes the uniqueness of each piece and that every item is "one-of-a-kind, designed by nature." To explore and acquire these natural wonders, visit their website. Sisterly Creations ships for free within the U.S.

Metal Tech LLC

Photo by Rick Baker

Metal Tech LLC, led by owner Rick Baker, specializes in the intricate realms of metal art, metal fabrication and plasma cutting. Rick proudly says, "If you have a vision, we can likely create it." The artistic dimension of crafting metal art is a deeply rewarding endeavor for Rick. To witness the fruits of this labor and explore sample products, you can visit his website or call ahead to visit the workshop in Shepherd. Beyond his creative pursuits, Rick is an army veteran, having served for more than four years. Demonstrating his commitment to honoring fallen veterans, Rick has initiated the Hoodies for Heros program program. Currently, the program is actively raising funds to erect a memorial dedicated to Montana's fallen heroes.

Beartooth Candle Company

Photo by Kaitlyn Anderson

The significance of a high-quality candle cannot be overstated. Beartooth Candle Company took on a commitment to producing candles that emit captivating scents while burning slowly and cleanly. Based in Billings, they are creating hand-poured candles that come in a variety of sizes. Whether you seek the comforting nostalgia of 'Dark Woods' or the invigorating freshness of ‘Sea Salt & Sunshine,' Beartooth Candle Company invites you to explore a symphony of scents that elevate the art of candle craftsmanship to new heights.

Blue Wing Woodcraft

Photo by Westin Allen

Step into the world of refined indulgence with our Glencairn Whiskey Flight – a masterpiece born from the hands of artisan Westin Allen in the serene Bull Mountains of Montana, USA. This flight isn't just a whiskey accessory; it's a celebration of craftsmanship, which is evident in every detail, like the carefully selected black walnut and curly maple woods. The lustrous finish transforms it into a true statement piece for any connoisseur's collection. This flight goes above and beyond with a flawlessly integrated cigar rest, adding a touch of luxury to your relaxation moments. Blue Wing Woodcraft offers an assortment of wood signs, barware, home decor and more.

Girl Ran Away with the Spoon

Photo by Erin Thormodsgard

Go on a journey through time and creativity with Girl Ran Away, a labor of love born from the artistic soul of Erin Thormodsgard. Dating back to 2006, this enchanting venture began with a handful of tools and a couple of jewelry styles, fueled by Erin's passion for all things vintage and her innate desire to craft. What started as a solo endeavor, featuring one girl and her spoon, has organically blossomed into a thriving community of "Spoon Sisters" collaborating to shape the brand's evolution. From its humble beginnings on a front porch studio, Girl Ran Away has transformed into a dynamic force, weaving its magic from an office space to a full-fledged working studio and retail haven in Miles City.

Plains Soul

Photo by Carrie Moran McCleary

Looking for the perfect blend of fashion, artistry and cultural richness this holiday season? Look no further than Plains Soul, the brainchild of the talented Carrie Moran McCleary. As a distinguished fashion designer, accomplished artist and proud member of the Little Shell Chippewa Tribe, Carrie brings a distinctive touch to her creations. Nestled on the picturesque Crow Reservation, Carrie draws inspiration from her surroundings and tribal heritage to craft a collection that seamlessly marries tradition with contemporary style. Since the inception of Plains Soul in 2016, Carrie has been on a mission to share her exceptional designs and unique vision with a broader audience. Elevate your gifting game and make a statement with Plains Soul – where fashion meets art, and tradition meets modern allure.

For even more holiday gift ideas, visit Made in Montana.

Note: Lead image is from Moss Mansion in Billings, MT. Take a holiday tour during their annual Christmas Tree display. Each tree decorated by a local non-profit or sponsoring business. A true holiday tradition that can’t be missed. Check their Facebook for up-to-date information and hours.